1. HIV vs AIDS

There was a time when HIV positive and AIDS used to be taboo words. And to an extent AIDS still remains as a taboo word. But the world of medical science has greatly evolved and advanced to the point where people across the world live a healthy life with HIV. So how are these two different? AIDS is a collection of illnesses that occur due to the immune system shutting down. And HIV is the virus that causes the immune system to shut down leading to different illnesses to affect the body. Over time patients with HIV have been treated successfully to the extent where they can live healthy lives without having to face death or marginalisation.

2. HIV is not a super villain


It is actually quite the contrary; HIV is really not that strong of a virus. The media overhyped the wrath of HIV, calling it a super virus that can be transmitted through sex. There are so many holes to just that story; for starters, for one person to give HIV to another while sex, there should be a cut in the vaginal wall because HIV needs to be present in the bloodstream to survive. It is not resistant to the exterior environment and cannot be transmitted through saliva either; which thoroughly debunks the popular myth that HIV can be transmitted through kissing or if a healthy person uses the same utensils as them. The problem with news like this is that all of a sudden everyone becomes an expert. And the icing on the cake is the myth that stated that HIV could be transmitted even if a condom was used; the truth of the matter is that the only way transmission can occur is if the condom broke.

3. Normal Life

1996 is a critical year in the history of HIV. It was the year that scientist found that a combination of three anti-retroviral drugs can be combined to reduce the effects of HIV drastically. The drug was aptly called HAART, and it decreased HIV-related deaths by 80%.

These days it would be unfortunate to die due to HIV, with treatment being so readily available. If the infection is found out soon and if the patient is given the appropriate anti-viral treatment, they can expect to live a normal and long life.

The common theme that we have noticed is that once a cure or treatment is found; the media loses the interest of the disease or virus. So if at all you do feel you have somehow contracted HIV; remember it is not the end of the world. As long as scientific advancement is a part of society, we should be optimistic about our chances.