Pregnancy  tracking

At the Quartier Latin Medical Clinic, three family doctors follow pregnant women, from the beginning of pregnancy to the postpartum visit, six to eight weeks after the birth of the baby, if necessary. In the absence of any complications, the patient will be able to see her usual doctor again after delivery.

Pregnancy follow-up by a family doctor involves a personalized approach that addresses the overall health of the pregnant woman and is not focused on over-medicalization. Prenatal and postnatal visits are done at the clinic. The process begins with an assessment and opening appointment with a nurse.

During pregnancy, the patient will meet regularly with her doctor at intervals ranging from one to four weeks, depending on the age of pregnancy. During these medical visits, the doctor will take the time necessary to answer the patient’s questions and provide her with all the information and advice that will help her to live a peaceful and healthy pregnancy.

The delivery will take place at the Birth Center at Saint-Luc Hospital at the CHUM . Your doctor or a physician from the CHUM team will be present during delivery.

A medical check-up for the mother is scheduled six weeks after delivery. For the newborn, pediatric monitoring can sometimes be done as of the second week of life. However, check with the doctor if he can take new patients.

Contraceptive methods

These doctors can also help you determine the most appropriate method of contraception for your health and your needs. IUD insertion is done by your doctor, on site or at Saint-Luc Hospital.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment, please contact the clinic specifying that it is the follow-up of a pregnancy or the installation of an IUD.